Why Conficlip Works…

From a Personal Perspective:

Clip on dress2ConfiClip provides an effective personal branding solution for both men and particularly women in business. ConfiClip enables those who network to ensure their badge is not only visibly placed but in a comfortable confident location.

“Ladies, this will see an end to you having to wear your badge the only place it can go…take control and wear it where it should be and represent you as the true professional you are”.

An added advantage to this is no longer will you feel forced to wear a badge that you know will damage your clothes (no more snagging of your best work wear).

HandshakeFrom an Organisational Employee Perspective

76% of people in business have greater trust in another company and consider them to be more professional when their employees where name badges. This applies to at work and at internal/external networking events.

ConfiClip therefore provides a solution to allow you professional brand exposure from both an organisational and personal perspective for employees.


From an Organisational Client Perspective

We recognise that you all run client events where ultimately these clients need to wear your event badge.

Why not give them something that not only works for the event to position themselves but also acts as a long term branding exercise for business.

An own branded ConfiClip delivers that solution as the perfect gift.


What people are saying about ConfiClip…

Wonky strap“I attend networking events regularly and often don’t wear my name badge as I’m not prepared to compromise my clothes.  ConfiClip is the perfect solution allowing me to professionally brand myself and my company without compromising my clothing”  Anonymous

“I’ve attended many industry networking events and business visits where attendees carry no visible branding because their name badge is in their pocket or laptop bag.  Providing the ability to instantly and visually communicate to others ‘who we are and who we represent’, makes ConfiClip the most simple and effective product for business that I’ve seen in years…” James Toase