How it all began….

Heather is a regular public speaker at events and conferences. It was whilst at a particular event that Heather was a key note speaker at that the ConfiClip idea was sparked…

Heather Jackson Conficlip1Heather was given a badge but her dress was silk and it did not allow for it to be fitted properly anywhere, the only way to wear it was to pin it on and that was not an option given the nature of the fabric and so it was placed in her handbag.
Before Heather went on stage, she was anonymous to everyone there – and that was a problem.

After Heather finished speaking, she started thinking. It soon became apparent that this wasn’t just a problem for those presenting on stage but for those who were networking.

On recognising the problem, Heather decided to find a solution so looked online for a product we could use that would allow a badge to be placed comfortably and without compromising clothing…but to her surprise there was nothing out there!

It was from there that Heather started to design a solution that would not just enable her to wear a badge but would allow any professional man or woman a solution to a problem they face on a regular basis.

ConfiClip was born……

The problem…

It was at networking events for women in business where Heather identified that most of the women attending the event did not wear the name badge that had been given to them. The number one reason for this is that women don’t want to compromise their clothes or they don’t find a suitable position to use the traditional bulldog clip. The result is less exposure for both them as an individual but perhaps more importantly the business they are representing.

The cost of this missed branding opportunity cannot be underestimated and is supported by independent research stating 76%* of people in business have greater trust in another company and consider them to be more professional when their employees wear name badges.

Due to the design of a standard traditional badge, many women at networking events do not wear their badge.

Why is this a problem?

  • Without the badge both the attendee, the company they are representing and the event organiser are unbranded.

If a woman does wear a badge, it’s usually in a totally unsuitable place chosen for convenience rather than position. I.e., handbag strap, belt, collar, wonky or at worst in her handbag! After all, that’s better than damaging your clothes right?!

Damage of clothing

We have all been in positions where you have felt compelled to wear a badge and on removal of it you have snagged or pulled your clothing. We know the investment of a good corporate wardrobe and the last thing you want to be doing is futilely damaging it.

The solution…

Conficlip on dressConfiClip provides a simple and elegant solution to the problem.

It’s an effective personal branding solution for men and particularly women in business, for use at both networking events and within day to day corporate business.

ConfiClip is lightweight and magnetic so it doesn’t compromise clothes and enables networkers to place their name badge in a comfortable and visible place, ensuring professional brand exposure for both themselves and the business they represent.