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The cost of a missed branding opportunity should never be underestimated for an individual or a business

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ConfiClip effectively secures badges without compromising clothing

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Conficlip makes sure your name badge is properly displayed - don't put it on your belt or your handbag!

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Welcome to Conficlip –“On Brand…On You”!

ConfiClip provides an effective personal branding solution for both men and particularly women in business. It was at networking events for women in business where it was identified that most of the women attending the event did not wear the name badge that had been given to them.

The number one reason for this is that women don’t want to compromise their clothes or they can’t find a suitable position to use the traditional bulldog clip on the badge. ConfiClip doesn’t compromise clothes and enables networkers to place their name badge in a comfortable and visible place, ensuring professional brand exposure for both themselves and the business they represent.

I can help you with any solution - copyspace“The cost of a missed branding opportunity cannot be underestimated from both a personal and organisations perspective.”

The importance of wearing a name badge is supported by independent research conducted by Social Science Research Solutions:

  • 77% believed that wearing a name badge helps to personally brand oneself at meetings, conferences or networking events.
  • Over 70% of all respondents stated that it is important to identify a salesperson by name
  • 76% of people in business have greater trust in another company and consider them to be more professional when their employees where name badges.
  • 96% of total respondents felt it was it important to recognize a person by name when doing business.

What people are saying about ConfiClip…

Showing clipI spend my life at seminars and conferences and the big issue of name badges often is discussed. ‘Where do I wear it?” “Will the pin damage my clothes?” “The clip doesn’t work” are just 3 comments made.

When Heather showed me the ConfiClip I thought ‘Wow that’s the answer’.

It’s a magnet and therefore can be placed anywhere without damaging any one’s attire. Even if the organisers give you the old-fashioned unfriendly type you simply use the ConfiClip. You will feel far more be comfortable and you will be a lot more visible…but do ensure you place it on the right side of your body. Why? So when someone shakes your hand, they look down your arm and there is your name and other information right in their eye line.”  Will Kintish, Kintish Networking Skills, Author of “Business Networking – Survival Guide”.
Pin Damage“ConfiClip is an innovative and visionary product. Having attended so many events during my career, I have lost count of the number of jackets and dresses that I have damaged with cheap, pin conference badges. With ConfiClip, it’s mine. It works with every outfit I have tried it with, it exudes class and complies with the branding at whatever event I attend. I have been delighted to use it and have recommended to many colleagues and friends as a ‘must have’.

What a thoughtful piece of conference kit for those of us who collect useless badges and yet need to communicate who we are.Those ill thought through badges that either make holes in clothing or simply won’t clip suitably and usually finish up not being worn or tossed into a bag.

This is the absolute answer and a MUST for any good conference organiser in the future.”  Andi Keeling